Blake’s Jetpacks


Twenty-Sided Moderator Comment Marker

A thing that annoyed me recently was that after the big redesign at Twenty Sided, I could no longer search for Shamus:” to see all the comments that Shamus posted (and to be fair, that search term wouldn’t show me anything that Josh, Rutskarn, or Mumbles posted), so this morning, I spent a little more time in the Jetpack Builder and in Firebug, and came up with a Jetpack to add the text "READ ME!" just before every comment from a moderator.
You can get the Twenty-Sided Moderator Comment Marker here, or view the source here.
But since that doesn’t seem to work anymore, I’ve written a GreaseMonkey script, which you can find here.

Embiggen Viddler

There are a number of videos I like to watch, mainly on Viddler, but the regular size is a little too small for me to make out all the details, and full-screen mode, while large enough, doesn’t let me flip around to other windows while retaining the large size. So I found myself running a second copy of Firefox, with FireBug enabled, and manually changed the widths and heights of the proper elements every time I wanted to watch a video. I finally got tired of doing it all the time, and so I created a Jetpack to double the width and height of any Viddler video.
You can get the Viddler Embiggener here, or view the source here.