Blake's Space

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Recent projects


Mozilla Tools
Various tools in Python and Node.js for working with Mozilla’s codebase.
A collection of maze-generating algorithms in Node.js.
LimeChat Themes
Some themes for LimeChat, a Mac IRC client.
Reviewer Dashboard
A fork of Atul’s Reviewer Dashboard, modified for Thunderbird.
An experimental extension for Thunderbird, providing a radical new UI.


PixelCity Mac
A fork of the Mac port of the Pixel City screensaver by Shamus Young.
Thunderbird at REST
A REST interface to Thunderbird, along with a Facebook scraper as proof-of-concept.


A Thunderbird extension to let you toggle between reply types (Reply, Reply All, and Reply to Group).
The start of a Thunderbird extension to provide a "Group by subject, order by date" view in the message list.

Really old projects

Writing a Palm Conduit to post memos from my Palm into my weblog.
Writing another Palm Conduit to transfer my pEdit32/pEditPro memos onto my desktop.
Getting Diablo II working under Wine.
Getting syntax highlighting working for the
Getting xml/xsl processing happening automatically.
Learning about Cascading Style Sheets, and applying them to my pages.